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The Universe Moodle Theme.

The theme is fully compatible with the latest Moodle version (4.2 & 4.1).

Learn how to use this theme. Check out the theme documentation.

The Universe Moodle Theme.

Moodle 4.x

Monocolor theme works with Moodle 4.1, 4.0. For the older version, you can choose BAZ, Alpha, or Space.

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Get new features, improvements, and bug fixes in each future update. All updates are free. 

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I also provide free customer support even when your support period on ThemeForest is expired.

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Top-notch quality

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New features list

Built from scratch

It is not the Boost-based theme. Monocolor is a standalone theme, built from scratch.

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In-build Dark Mode

Optional in-build dark mode theme. Decide which one you prefer more.



Standard, Lifetime License


Updates and bug fixes


Trusted users


Compatible with 4.x

Moodle 4.2, 4.1

Customize Course Colors

Easily personalize the colors, logo, and even the favicon of your course.

Learn how to use this theme. Check out theme documentation.

Customize Course Colors

User Roles

Customizing the colors based on the roles of users is made easy.

Learn how to use this theme. Check out the theme documentation.

User Roles

We are hiring!

Meet our team

Allow us to introduce our team.
Team #1

Anna Johnson

Paneer cheesy feet when the cheese comes out everybody's happy.
Team #2

Eva Smith

Senior UI Designer
 Cheese on toast cheesy grin parmesan gouda Lancashire queso port-Salut parmesan.
Team #3

Max McAuliffe

Product Manager
Lancashire parmesan caerphilly croque monsieur fondue cheesy grin cheddar hard cheese.
Team #4

Maria Fox

UX Designer
Multidisciplinary. Drinks too much coffee. Likes sentence fragments.


Start teaching online by purchasing Universe.

Below, I have identified and outlined some of the features of the Universe.

  • Compatible with Moodle 4.1 and 4.2
  • Custom Color Courses
  • 22+ Fully Customizable Blocks
  • Lifetime updates
  • Super friendly support
  • Translation Ready

* $99/$149 + tax for a lifetime license.

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University for Moodle

Key Features of the Theme

Looking to create an outstanding website for your university? You may want to consider using Moodle 4.2 or 4.1 as your platform.

Translation Ready

Fully Customizable Blocks

Lifetime updates

Super friendly support

Compatible with Moodle 4.2 & 4.1

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Simple. Fast. Easy to use.
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Help & Support

With your purchase of the Universe Moodle Theme, you will receive:
  • 6 months of free professional support. 
  • 8 bundled premium plugins. 
  • 22+ prebuilt front-page blocks, 
  • Completely redesigned Moodle interface,
  • Detailed documentation, continually updated to ensure everything is current.  
  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry standards & trends. 
  • Monocolor works with popular 3rd party Moodle plugins

You can use standard ThemeForest support form (on the product page) or use dedicated <a href="" target="_blank">support page</a>.

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